Benefits Of Alternative To Milk

Every time i write an article on how bad milk is humans I get e-mails asking me for alternative. What alternative do you need for poison something else.

Alternative to cows milk

The milk myth is based on the belief that this protein and calcium-rich drink is Essential to support good health and bone health at any age.however not only do we barely absorb the Calcium in cow’s milk(especially if pasteurized),but to make matters worse,it actually increases calcium loss from the bones,like all animal protein milk acidifies the body pH,which triggers a reaction calcium is an acid neutralizer and the biggest storage of calcium in the body is in the Bones so the calcium that our bones need to stay strong pulled out of the bones to neutralize the acidifying effect of milk and it leaves the body via the urine.


  • Coconut milk

Coconut is relatively high in fat with about 5 grams of saturated fat per serving. One serving(one cup)of original coconut milk contains 80 calories,1 gm of protein and 100 mg of is rich in Lauric acid which has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties,a heart-healthy saturated. Fat that improves HDF(good)cholesterol.

  • Cashew Nut Milk

A few cashews supply almost 38 per cent of the recommended daily intake of copper which is involved in developing bone and Connective tissue,producing melanin and iron absorption.cashews are a great source of magnesium,which is important in keeping our bones strong and healthy,and has a lower fat content.
Almond milk ,soy milk

  • Oat Milk

Like many plant milks,oat milk is cholesterol and lactose free,and also contains high level of antioxidant vitaminE.It also contains folic acid,which is essential for most bodily functions and is needed to synthesis and repair DNA ,produce healthy red blood cells and prevents anaemia. It is a good source of photochemicals that help disease and stroke.However, it is high in sugar and has a lower calcium and protein content.

  • Almond Milk

It can be used with coffee,cereal,smoothies and oatmeal. Soak almonds for 8 hour,rinse and blend with water,using a 1:3 cup ratio of nuts to water. You can flavoring or sweetness by adding vanilla and one or two pitted dates. Pour the mixtures into a muslin cloth to separate the liquid from the pulp.It has high amount of vitamin E , magnesium ,which helps with the function of the parathyroid glands,helping improve the health of your bones.


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